Public Tours


Nature & Artisan Outings

Appreciations for the beauty that surrounds us…

Awakens our sense of adventure.

Curated inspirational outings that showcase the terroir of our region. We offer an array of regional experiences centered around local heritage, crafted artisan activities & nature. Our region is a wealth of natural beauty, creativity and local artisans.


Food & Farm Tours

Our industrial food system is out of wack…

But there is something we can do about it.

These tours take people on learning journeys of local food and farm businesses that are making a difference in our communities. Sustainable agriculture, healthy food, the farms that produce it and the businesses that process it in sustainable ways are all providing a “real food” system that connects us to ourselves, our communities and our planet.


Social Justice Tours

Working together for a fair & just society…

Connecting with mission driven lifestyles.

Our social justice inspired tours connect with the people, places and institutions that are driving transformations within our local communities. There are a number of regional organizations and civic groups that are striving for a more compassionate, just and sustainable system for how we relate to each other & the world around us.